Dennis Quaid, 70, enjoys vacation with wife Laura Savoie, 30, on Hawaii beach ‘I’ve been married 4 times and I’m sure this time is right’ – She’s the same age as his son

Actor Dennis Quaid, at 70 years old, made waves during his recent vacation on a Hawaii beach with his wife, Laura Savoie, who is 30. Despite the significant age gap and the fact that Savoie is the same age as Quaid’s son, the couple appeared to be thoroughly enjoying their time together, with Quaid expressing confidence in the longevity of their marriage.

Quaid, who has been married three times previously, shared his conviction that this marriage is the right one for him. His candid statement reflects a sense of optimism and hope for the future, as he embraces this new chapter in his personal life with enthusiasm and certainty.

For Quaid and Savoie, their relationship defies societal norms and expectations, challenging perceptions about age and compatibility. Despite the differences in their years, the couple seems to have found a deep connection and mutual understanding that transcends age and circumstance.

As they basked in the sun on the picturesque Hawaii beach, Quaid and Savoie’s love and affection for each other were palpable. Their romantic getaway serves as a testament to the power of love to defy convention and bring joy and fulfillment into our lives, regardless of age or background.

While their relationship may invite scrutiny and judgment from some quarters, Quaid and Savoie’s commitment to each other is unwavering. As they navigate the complexities of their unconventional romance, they do so with the knowledge that true love knows no bounds and that age is just a number when it comes to matters of the heart.

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